Remote Voyages


Remote Voyages

A video installation
Created by Nathan Kensinger, Laura Chipley
and Sarah Nelson Wright
111 Front Street Galleries
November 2013

Remote Voyages was a five-channel video installation created by the artists of The Newtown Creek Armada. Miniature boats designed by the artists, each incorporating different materials harvested from the banks of the Newtown Creek, floated in basins of polluted creek water, supported by platforms of debris washed ashore during Hurricane Sandy. Each boat projected a video created from its own unique voyage along the Newtown Creek Superfund site, one of the most polluted bodies of water in the United States.

Remote Voyages was exhibited at the 111 Front Street Galleries, and was made possible with the support of the Hudson River Foundation, the Cultural Affairs Department of Two Trees Management and the North Brooklyn Boat Club.





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