Reclaimed Ground


Reclaimed Ground

A documentary film
Directed by Nathan Kensinger & Nate Dorr
Color, 10 minutes, 2016

Reclaimed Ground is the first chapter of an ongoing documentation of the transformation of Hunter’s Point South, Queens. It captures the final seasons of this unique post-industrial landscape, where 30 acres of landfill had been left abandoned by the city, becoming an overgrown simulacrum of nature.

Reclaimed Ground was created in conjunction with Chance Ecologies, an arts project inviting a group of international artists to explore, celebrate and commemorate this unique space, before its demolition. In 2016, it was exhibited twice at the Queens Museum, as part of A Frame Apart, the film program of the Queens International biennial, and as part of the exhibit Chance Ecologies: Queens.


  • All images © Nathan Kensinger 2021