Reclaimed Ground


Reclaimed Ground

A documentary film
Directed by Nathan Kensinger & Nate Dorr
Color, 10 minutes, 2016

Reclaimed Ground captures the final seasons of a unique post-industrial landscape on the waterfront of New York City’s East River, where 30 acres of landfill had been left abandoned by the city, becoming a wild growing forest and meadow ecosystem. In 2015, this decades-old green space was completely bulldozed by the city, destroying an important coastal habitat.

Reclaimed Ground was created in conjunction with Chance Ecologies, an arts project inviting a group of international artists to explore, celebrate and commemorate this space, before its demolition. In 2016, it was exhibited twice at the Queens Museum, as part of A Frame Apart, the film program of the Queens International biennial, and as part of the exhibit Chance Ecologies: Queens.


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