Permanence: Part One



Permanence: Part One

A site specific photography installation
Created by Nathan Kensinger
Location undisclosed
March 2017 – present

Permanence: Part One is a photography installation inside an abandoned building on the New York waterfront. Each photograph documents a historic industrial structure that was demolished during the past decade. These photographs, exposed to the elements, will fade, crumble and be destroyed along with the building that houses them, an 1800’s grain warehouse that has been left to collapse.

Permanence is an ongoing series of site-specific installations that engage the visible and invisible artifacts of the American industrial era, placing photographs and other documentation inside the remains of historic industrial structures, in hidden installations that are both temporary and permanent. These installations covertly mark the sites of forgotten monuments that, if they had survived, would have told the story of our current civilization.





  • All images © Nathan Kensinger 2018