Managed Retreat

Managed Retreat

A documentary film
Directed by Nathan Kensinger
Color, 18 minutes
(Work in Progress)

Managed Retreat is a short documentary portrait  of three New York City neighborhoods that, in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, were purchased by the NY State government, to be demolished and returned to nature as part of the city’s first ‘managed retreat’ from rising sea levels. This observational documentary tracks this process over the course of a year, as homes are destroyed and wild animals begin to return.

Managed Retreat received two grants from Rooftop Films in December, 2015 – a Rooftop Filmmakers’ Fund Short Film Grant and a Rooftop Films / DCTV Equipment and Services Short Film Grant. The film will be released in 2018.







Managed Retreat – preview (2017) from Nathan Kensinger on Vimeo.

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