Covered Tracks

Covered Tracks

An experimental documentary film
Directed by Nathan Kensinger
Co-Produced with Meghan O’Hara
Color, 11 minutes, 2007

Covered Tracks is an exploration of life and death in the Freedom Tunnel, a three-mile-long tunnel underneath Riverside Park in Manhattan, which was built by Robert Moses. The film hurtles down an active train line, past decades-old graffiti and the ruins of an abandoned homeless city.

Covered Tracks was filmed underground over the course of one year and has screened at numerous film festivals, including Slamdance, the Boston Underground Film Festival, the San Francisco Independent Film Festival, and at Rooftop Films in 2007, 2008, and 2010. It won a Director’s Choice Award at the Black Maria Film Festival.







Covered Tracks – excerpt (2007) from Nathan Kensinger on Vimeo.

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